The view of Manitoba Forward: we need a big change from the NDP ways

Week after week, City Circus has delved into the details and gone deep into the issues, to assess and reflect the rampant discord among residents of Manitoba after experiencing massive policy failures (CFS, education, Emergency rooms) by an NDP government addicted to spending (PST increases, doomed Hydro development, bulging bureaucracy). 

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This week, we focused on a new organization of concerned citizens that has stepped up like none before to challenge the Selinger record and counter-spin their bogus PR campaigns touting their ‘success’.

With TV ads during highly-rated Winnipeg Jets games, YouTube and online ads, and a website chock full of facts and opinion, Manitoba Forward has shocked media pundits with a tactical approach that is effective and gaining support daily.

The Executive Director of Manitoba Forward, Dave Shorr, joined Marty Gold in studio to discuss the movement, the dog-and-pony show that was the NDP leadership race, and explain policy alternatives to restore Manitoba to a “Have” province.

The full episode will be posted Monday, with a preview of next week’s topics.

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