Sample City Circus TV Episodes

June 1 2015 Part 1: City Circus exclusive- NDP hides behind “policy” to deny Brenan family funding for Inquest legal fees – CLICK HERE

Part 2 – What angry residents told Coun. Allard about flawed Marion Freeway Open House; Viewers explain how suburban drivers, not bike lane users, are the economic force behind Sherbrook St. revival; Coun. Schreyer in disbelief as city re-zones Transcona park it doesn’t own 

May 25 2015:  Parking Authority threatens to seize car over PAID tickets; Selinger stunned by news of lawsuit over Selkirk Hospital re-tendering- CLICK HERE


May 18 2015:  Brenan Inquest testimony exposes how dangerous going to emergency room can be; Manitoba Hydro got a favoUr from Minister Eric Robinson to wipe out landowner’s rights; EPC gets an earful about public consultation failing in seine river and downtown (again)


May 11/15

* River Heights under seige from vandals;
* Seine River residents fight to save their neighbourhood;
* Coun. Russ Wyatt stand up for proper consultation;
* A personal note from Dana Brenan,
* Shannon Sampert gets spanked on Twitter:

May 4/15

* We try to get action for the family in the Brenan Inquest
* The Selinger cabinet shuffle
* Saran told some uncomfortable truths about the NDP
* Did city council realize they voted for higher property tax penalties?
* Ambulances tied up at ER’s still endangering 911 calls needing help

Plus a tribute to Mr. AWA, Former NCAA and World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Verne Gagne

April 27 2015: Federal Agencies lawyer tries to block testimony in ‘BCC’ tech incubator lawsuit;

Family goes to judge over refusal of ndp to pay legal costs for Inquest INto taxicab medicine death;

Winnipeg School Division delves into religion :

APRIL 20 2015: Lawyers say human rights of CFS wards and special needs schoolkids squashed by Selinger government- PLUS A PRIMER ON NDP ADDICTION TO THE FRUITS OF BRACKET CREEP



March 30 2015:   Coun. Russ Wyatt talks taxes, underpasses, and cutting costs/ Garth Steek speech to council


Watch: The view of Manitoba Forward: we need a big change from the NDP ways

(With guest Dave Shorr)

Tweets from Seven Oaks Hospital emergency room shows consequences for sick patients of WRHA wait time failure

Monday March 3 2014: How Charles Adler helped Shindico smear Canadian Taxpayers Federation as anti-Semites

ONLY City Circus reported on the reaction of the CTF to the disgusting claims made about the organization in an appearance of Shindico official Bob Downs on CJOB radio. 
In a carefully orchestrated performance, host Charles Adler tried to manipulate the audience into believing
A) he asks tough questions
B) there is a simmering below-the-surface reason why dealings between the City of Winnipeg and  Shindico are being questioned and audited, and
C) it was in the public interest and part of his job, for Adler to openly discuss this secret as he put it,  “whisper campaign”.
That there is no such thing did not matter to Adler.
Adler has actively distanced himself from Mayor Katz, who has distanced himself from the Shindleman brothers, who are somehow victims — when no one has blamed them for receiving preferred treatment under the regime of Katz and Shindleman buddy, former city CAO Phil “3 monkeys” Sheegl.
Those involved should be ashamed for promoting a fictional narrative that anti-Semites are at work and there is no reason to ask important questions.
The entire episode, with our 20 minute interview with Colin, is now online for you to watch.
We discussed all sorts of city hall issues including the super-secret St. James Fire Hall traffic study (that Shindico originally blocked release of to the CTF), the fire hall and police headquarters audits, the fading trust of polled voters in the Katz administration. 
We walked word for word through the transcript of exactly how the drive-by smear – veiled by the euphamism “a Jewish problem” – was heard on CJOB.

Watch how we analyze whether Colin Craig of the CTF, and others asking for accountability such as Marty Gold, Bartley Kives of the Free Press, and Sean Kavanagh of CBC, are motivated by anti-Semitism.

Then you can decide who is closer to the truth, and to wanting the truth: those smeared as racists, or who you hear on CJOB Radio (Adler transcript beneath video window)


CJOB Monday Feb 10
Charles Adler interview with
Bob Downs, senior developer, Shindico
What’s the profit margin there (building the 4 fire halls)?

Downs                                                                           I’d say, 2% … not a good deal, I’m embarrassed to say … (hypothetically) we’d be out of the fire hall business

Now would it surprise you, Bob Downs, if I told you that most people in the city of Winnipeg feel Shindico made off like bandits on the Firehalls.
Aaaahhh, I’d prefer not to express an opinion on that.
10. 23.28 am CJOB Feb 10 2014
There’s a whisper campaign going on in this town, and I think you’re aware of it,  and one of the things I don’t like about whisper campaigns, whisper campaigns generally aren’t about enlightening the public and it’s not in the interest of the public to have whispering campaigns.
They pay me a, a good buck, to ask, questions that need to be asked. So I’m not going to just keep the whispering campaign going so I’m going to ask, and I’m going to ask you to be as transparent as possible about this.
The whisper is, that one of the reasons Shindico is being targeted as it is, is because Shindico has a Jewish problem because the CEO and President of Shindico is Sandy Shindleman who’s a prominent Jewish business man and, one of the most successful Jewish businessmen in North America.
And that if Sandy Shindleman wasn’t the President and CEO of Shindico , Shindico would not be getting the kind of reputation it has been getting the past couple of years. Can you comment on that, does Shindico have a Jewish problem?
I can only say, we’re extremely proud of the work we do and, extremely proud of the relationship that we have um, with, uh, our clients, we were extremely proud of the work, or, the relationship we had with the city…
but we’re extremely disappointed with the uh comments in the media, the, eh comments made by individuals in the city, coverage in  media,  Terribly disappointed with representatives of CTF and uh, it’s, its not something justified given how we do our business
You grew up in Portage La Prairie, your dad owned a little business, so did Sandy Shindleman’s father. Your family knew their family. You’re a good Christian man Bob Downs.
How do you feel about the fact that your friend Sandy Shindleman gets targeted because of his faith?
I am extremely disappointed . I , I  have have often said it’s harder to work for Jewish families which I’ve done all my life than it is to be a Jewish family, I probably don’t know that for a fact but I believe it all the time.
Why is it harder to work for a Jewish family?
Because I am disappointed in my fellow citizens whether it’s in Portage la Prairie when they’re like that, or in Winnipeg.

City Circus exclusive: Winnipeg Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves’ first extended TV interview; (plus our exclusive – NDP #BlametheCabby campaign below)

Originally telecast Jan. 21 2014 This is what Access Television should be all about. Questions. Answers. Holding elected officials and candidates to account. Probing their records and positions; challenging their statements and opinions; soliciting their vision for OUR community. Former St Vital Councilor Gord Steeves faced the camera and told Winnipeg what he thinks about audits and investigations into Police Headquarters and fire hall cost overruns, derelict housing and slumlords, and your taxes. Judge his performance for yourself, and let us know what you think by emailing TGCTS1 @ (note that Gord has already agreed to a second 20 minute interview in about 2 months time)

NDP balked at extra $10 cost to get Hospital patients safely inside their homes; did 3 deaths result?

originally telecast Jan 21, 2014

IF – and it’s a big if – anyone believes that David Silver and John Miller would have lived after being discharged from Grace Hospital, had they been escorted through the front door of their homes instead of making their own way from taxis in -50 weather, the blame heaped by Manitoba Health Minister Erin Selby on the drivers should have been dumped on her own lap, as you will see in the video below. City Circus has learned that the NDP canceled contracts with full service taxi companies – whose business is transporting vulnerable passengers door-to-door.  Supposedly, the government wanted to “save” the expense of the extra service fee built into the meter start rate, or ‘meter drop’. That small saving pales in comparison with the cost of saving these men’s lives. The full transportation companies such as Reliable and Responsible Dispatch Services, Gull Wing, and others with 700 series vehicles (numbers starting at 700 on the outside for identification) had their contracts canceled by the Manitoba Health because of the added cost over meter start rates allowed Unicity, Duffy’s, etc. ($3.75), a higher rate approved by her own government via the Manitoba Taxicab Board. That cost difference, today, stands at $8.65. That cost – paying $12.40 instead of $3.75 when the ride starts – ensures discharged emergency room patients get inside the door to their homes.  Basically, TEN BUCKS. That is the price – less than $10 per ride – which Selby refused to pay, for a service which would have taken those frail men into the safety of their own homes.

Since 2001, the partisan political decision  by then-minister Dave Chomiak to funnel hospital business to ‘regular taxi’ companies (whose owners the NDP count on for constituency donations and election campaign support) has endangered the sick and elderly sent home from emergency rooms. Recent  media reports include the Silver and Miller deaths, the Heather Brenan death 2 years ago, and another near-death in a filed in St. James, all associated with taxi drop-offs gone wrong.

“If Grace Hospital called a full service taxi, Mr. Silver and Mr. Miller would have been dropped off inside their doors.”

In all her brainless blathering about health bureaucrats drafting laws making taxi drivers responsible for patient drop-off – retracted by Gary Doer’s favorite prop within 4 days after a humiliating online #BlametheCabby campaign and an avalanche of ridicule in the media – Selby never mentioned the existence of 700 series service, let alone that her own government had balked at paying the companies the extra meter fee for added patient safety. Selby never mentioned that had Manitoba Health and the WRHA gone through with her edict to make it mandatory taxi drivers be responsible for patient drop-off, her government health care bureaucrats would have been breaking the NDP’s own laws by forcing cabbies to break not only the Taxicab Act (which defines regular taxi service as “curb-to-curb”), but also Workplace Safety and Health ‘single worker working alone’  rules which specify cabbies do NOT have to exit their cabs at all to protect them from potential robbery and violence.

“How does any legislation force a cabdriver with 300 dollars in his pocket from a busy Friday night to leave his cab and its alarms to take a sick person up to his/her suite on the 7th floor of the low income tower at 269 Dufferin?”

City Circus spoke with 3 veteran sources well-versed in recent cab industry business history and each held the same view: The NDP was so desperate to avoid being blamed for hospitals keeping a lid on hallway medicine by sending sick people near death home, Erin Selby targeted cab drivers and was willing to force them to leave their vehicles’ camera, shield and alarm systems behind, exposing them to being robbed and additional legal liability if a ‘critical incident’ occurred when frail patients were in their possession. All to save her political hide.  

CAEPLA explains how Manitoba Hydro tactics bully rural and Sage Creek landowners

Dave Core, CEO of the national Energy and Pipeline Landowners Association Courtesy
Dave Core, CEO of the national Energy and Pipeline Landowners Association Courtesy

In our exclusive interview Dave Core, CEO of the national Energy and Pipeline Landowners Association tells how the Crown monopoly uses private eyes and RCMP to intimidate farmers who dare safeguard their property – and how even Winnipeg residents in Erin Selby’s riding of Southdale are now facing off against the Hydro bullies and asking CAEPLA to watch out for their rights.

Segment 1 details our holiday schedule and previews our year-end review which will air after December 26th, and bring an exclusive Untold Story of the Year about yet another lying NDP Minister; Segment 3 shows how the Bob Silver-owned Winnipeg Free Press joined the desperate re-writing of the fire hall history after Shindico used CJOB for free and unchallenged propaganda about how “fair” the contract process was for the $18M-and-climbing 4-part debacle, and Acting CEO Deepak Joshi tried to libel chill Coun. Paula Havixbeck into shutting down her demands for a cop-shop HQ audit into that financial disaster – which was like the fire halls, under the stewardship of former CAO Phil ‘3 monkeys’ Sheegl. No evidence of corruption, indeed. (Originally telecast January 6, 2014)

Explaining Manitoba’s economic cliff to Theresa “don’t be an Eeyore” Oswald

Our feature segment in this episode (originally telecast Tuesday December 3) is the embarrassing Question Period performance of Manitoba NDP “Jobs and the Economy”  Minister Theresa Oswald, who thinks losing 143 jobs per day in her new portfolio is worthy of imitating opposition critics as “Eeyores” ( because Winnie the Pooh is apparently her level of reading comprehension). We give Manitoba taxpayers the chance to compare her failed comedy act with the shocking and frightening facts published by blogger Cherenkov in the blog post   It’s worse than you think. (from  Maybe one day the former Health Minister can tear herself away from bedtime fairy tales and get someone to help her read the charts and facts about the bankruptcy she and her law breaking NDP cohorts are steering us towards — sooner than you may realize. In the first segment, we correct a math calculation about projected visitors per hour to the Museum for Human Rights – which does not reduce our scepticism about the so-called attraction – and dive into yet another Winnipeg police HQ mystery. Why did the city lower a bond requirement which allowed a small local company to win the contract, when the national Surety Association insists that the claim it asked the city to do was was, and we quote, “Bullshit.” According to Sam Katz and his attack dog Justin Swandel, you are supposed to silently pay for every act of corruption and incompetence that drives up project costs like fire halls and the cop shop, and let them empty your wallets with a tax increase and new fees. Watch this episode, see the scam unfold, and feel free to raise your voice and tell them what you think of their idea of accountability and transparency. Remember – YOU HAVE THE POWER.  For more new insight into the fire hall contract-fixing scandal, read this:  A new Christmas tradition – Firehall Fairy Tales by Shindico

Originally telecast November 26th:

Segment 1 – In reaction to our coverage, longtime radio host Broose from UMFM 101 blasts the greed of the CMHR. Watch how the Black Rod uses CMHR documents to warn that your wallets are still being targeted by the pet project of millionaires. Did you know the museum canceled a huge media tour on 2 days notice in November? Silence from Winnipeg media followed, and ONLY City Circus tells the public about it and provides a possible reason why. Segment 2 – The push for a cop shop HQ audit continued by Councillors Havixbeck and Gerbasi into the result of  “Katz cronyism” – $17M in cost hikes beyond the alleged “Guaranteed Maximum Price”. We use Twitter to track the debates at council, and then – again doing what corporate media refused to do – we show the public the video of Mayor Katz ducking Havixbeck’s questions and of Katz’ attack dog Coun. Justin Swandel smearing elected officials and media calling for accountability and consequences for civic administrators who hid the crooked details about the Post Office building conversion costs and fire halls debacle. Swandel went to gutter politics while first-time Speaker Devi Sharma shrank in her chair, shocking longtime Free Press reporter Aldo Santin. (“IQ tests” indeed. Let’s start with anyone buying the inventions of the ‘official report’ about how the HQ project spun out of control.)

A sobering evaluation of how Manitoba tax dollars are flying out the window in 3 parts (after a brief introduction about our overhead display panels …) (Original telecast Nov. 19 2013) Segment 2 (tune in at 4.25):  The admission from Mayor Katz that a “Guaranteed Maximum Price” on the conversion of the downtown post office to a ‘world-class’ police headquarters was not a guarantee– because the design drawings (not even up to code mind you) were only 30% complete – is the tip of the iceberg of yet another City of Winnipeg boondoggle. Get ready to get disgusted when we review the details of administrative incompetence and it appears, deceit. What do three major projects have in common? It’s your Focal Point Optician Moment of Vision ! Segment 3 (tune in at 12.40):  The NDP Throne speech was strangely lacking in mentions of Family Services (at all) or crime (3 brief mentions); Tom Brodbeck of the Winnipeg Sun exposes Premier Selinger either can’t cipher the difference between core spending going UP or going DOWN, or he’s just a liar; anyone else notE the coincidence of which day construction on the stadium resumed 🙂 ? Segment 4 (tune in at 17.40): Digging out more details of how the Canadian Museum for Human Rights got away with inventing and inflating supposed ‘visitor’ numbers and the economic spin-off;  the proof from The Black Rod about past interviews on CJOB that the Museum bigshots changed their story about how they were going to draw the “250,000” depending on the audience being pitched for support – as if every tourist coming to Manitoba will now be attributable to the white elephant on Waterfront Asper Way.

  Original telecast Nov. 12, 2013: Part 1: After reviewing Tom Brodbeck’s Sun column itemizing idiotic cop shop HQ cost overruns (didn’t measure the size of vehicles for the exits??), a look at provincial politics reveals a startling example of hell freezing over: the Southern Chiefs Organization and Marty Gold agree on something. The bogus “public safety” powers the Manitoba NDP and star Cabinet Minister Kevin Chief want to give police to roust people who are not breaking the law in bars and socials, is a serious attack on civil rights and the laws of natural justice. As seen in the video below, the SCO standing up to the heir-apparent to the Selinger reign and call BS about Chief’s proposed liquor law regulations, shows how even traditional aboriginal allies are turning against the anti-human rights Manitoba NDP.  Part 2: From “pissy potshots”, to ridiculing “silly claims” the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is divisive, to regurgitating the fiction there is any scientific study that backs claims 250,ooo humans will “visit” the white elephant on Waterfront, watch how the facts on the public record shred a Winnipeg Free Press column of Dan Lett attacking museum critics. His assertion the newspaper of record (AKA head cheerleader for Gail Asper) “faithfully reported” on the financial boondoggles of the pet project of millionaires is systematically refuted with proof that the Freep ‘led from behind’, while citizen journalist bloggers dug out how millions upon millions of dollars were being sucked out of taxpayers wallets and as we add, other worthy Winnipeg charities and museums.

Interview exclusive: Phil Sheegl snatched suspicious land swap document from Havixbeck’s hand  Winnipeg City Councilor Paula Havixbeck dished out some tough questions after the fire hall audit confirmed that city administrators had played fast and loose with the rules and that as taxpayers lose, fire station developer Shindico sure seemed to win, and win, and win, and win, untendered contracts approved by former city CAO Phil Sheegl. In this exclusive interview first telecast November 5th,  the representative from Charleswood openly discussed the unusual behavior of Sheegl and a city lawyer when she spotted an un-initialed, after the fact alteration – ie a different font – on a real estate caveat document that committed taxpayers to buying the Taylor land beneath the new fire hall without proper protections in place. Coun. Havixbeck also explains how Sam Katz personally lobbied her when a member of Executive Policy committee to vote to hire Sheegl as top bureaucrat and the pressure she felt as a rookie councilor to play ball with the Mayor, and her efforts to hold Sheegl and other top brass accountable when the evidence started to mount as proven by the Ernst and Young audit. Her reaction to the speech of Bob Axford about a “cancer in city hall” thieving the cities resources and attention, cop shop cost overruns, and the need to regain the trust of taxpayers, all presented unedited, in this popular City Circus episode.

   OCT 29/13 The best video analysis of the Winnipeg Fire Hall audit you can get.

Only citizen journalism on Shaw TV has the capacity to show taxpayers the intricate details they need to know about how your money was wasted on slanted fire station contracts, while councillors were deliberately kept in the dark by city administrators. Use the video player beneath this story to see the City Circus analysis of the Ernst and Young audit findings. Viewers will also see an explanation of how we were ahead of all other media when we found the first piece of paper that backed the verbal land-swap deal with Shindico. As as you will see , that caveat filed on the Taylor site was in itself, worthy of an investigation by the Law Society for it’s blatant failure to protect taxpayers in the Letter of Intent (LOI) it was a part of. PLUS – Once again we are quoted in the pages of the Winnipeg Sun about council backroom politicking.


************* OCTOBER 15, 2013 A Letter to the Editor from former NDP (Pawley-era) Attorney General, Al Mackling, questioned why the Selinger government gets so much criticism hiking taxes and fees to ensure their “electors” get the services they demand. Needless to say, we shred Mackling’s premise that the critics are unfair, with the simple use of headlines of the day. It’s actually quite an embarrassment that Ol’ Al tries to defend the reckless Marxists on Broadway given the facts we show the audience. In a brief civics segment, once again we show that transparency and accountability – and good stewardship of tax dollars, is very elusive despite Coun. Paula Havixbeck’s best efforts. This week’s opening remarks reminds everyone that it may be a good idea to ignore a punchline from the film Young Frankenstein and pay attention when someone says something about your proverbial ‘hump’. Originally telecast Oct. 15 2013.

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