“And a Merry Christmas to you, Bulldog.”

A lot of people wonder why am I so passionate about fighting for the little guy and exposing government corruption. Well … here is a Christmas tale.

Long ago in my past, I had the crazy idea that along with my much more talented friend, Dave Pinsky who was at the time a theatrical agent, we would run a wrestling promotion built around homegrown Canadian stars. I had been encouraged to do so by George “Crybaby” Cannon, who had operated a wrestling promotion from Windsor to Newfoundland in his career and forced Vince McMahon to buy his trademark “Superstars of Wrestling” for $100,000 in the early 80’s.

Unfortunately, in 1989-1990 the wrestling business was regulated in Manitoba by a sociopathic old amateur boxer who had weaseled his way onto the (professional) Boxing and Wrestling Commission and been elevated to Chair, one Buck Matiowski.

Trio of promoters: Marty with Tony Condello and Dave (Levinski) Pinsky

After hearing about our start-up plan for a card at Weston Community Centre in January of 1990, Buck called the hall threatening them with legal consequences.

Dave phoned Matiowski asking why, and was told I had not been licensed for my promotional tour the previous March. Dave knew was a blatant lie as he helped me organize that tour and made his wrestling debut on it.

Supposedly I faced a “lifetime suspension” for not having permits before distributing posters for the Weston show …which had never been an issue for promoters like Bob Holliday, Tony Condello, Ernie Rheault, or anyone else including me,  ever before.  Then mysterious documents from the MBWC were mailed to Dave including a copy of the official Act altered with white-out. Typed over the white-out was a new performance bond fee amount, and a supposed regulation for a $10,000 line of credit and 3 references.

None of which were the rules 9 months earlier when I operated Can-Am Wrestling tour on 3 Reserves.

[Editor’s note: The day after I wrote this, I just recalled the chronology:

Eddie Watts complaining about Marty’s refereeing, as Dave Pinsky cranks on the armbar, Poplar River School, March 4 1989

I ran the 3 show tour in March of 1989 and miraculously did not lose money on it.

In the opening match of the TV pilot, Bobby Driver aka Playboy McColl is victorious over Dr. Marty Goldstein, as referee Wolfgang Schmidt counts to 3, Sept. 24 1989.

I returned from a west coast wrestling trip and filmed a TV pilot that September for the St Claude high school grad fund. )

This got a mention in the Winnipeg Free Press in October about the promotion starting-up.

I edited the footage on Nov. 11th, Remembrance Day.

In December, Dave used the tape to book Weston….  THAT’S when the rules suddenly changed.]

I went to the Legislative Building and found Opposition leader Gary Doer. He later became Canadian Ambassador to the United States.

He looked at the documents and told me to check them against the official files in the House library. I returned and showed the future Premier of Manitoba the “Gazette” version had the legal bond at $500 and the white-out concealed I was being charged double. I also discovered there was no “Regulation 26” on file.

I concluded the Chief Commissioner was retaliating for my forcing him to refund my bond immediately after that previous tour (that way Matiowski had no control over me).  He bitched about it to at least one other promoter who was his pal, wanting him to cause trouble for me. Now Buck was doing his own dirty work.

Buck Matiwoski

I started digging into Matiowski and quickly learned that on December 15, 1989, Matiowski allowed 7 boxers – a rank amateur Larry Morrissette, novice Sunny Pubaya and a legally blind Byron Prince among them – to compete without proper medical tests. He also suspended Karl Skripal for declining to fight after getting a head wound at work.

I freelanced a story to the Winnipeg Sun about Karl, and in April Mike Beauregard of MTN-TV ran a multi-part expose about the card in which the humiliated Commissioner admitted “it was a fiasco, I admit that”.

So now I had proof that Matiowski was not only screwing with the wrestling business, but he was so focused on having a fiefdom to rule he allowed boxing cards to take place without doctors clearing the fighters – criminal negligence.

To up the ante I took the  Commission to court in July of 1990 asking for a refund of the fees I paid  in 1989.  All of the comments and responses from their blowhard legal beagle, Charlie Phelan, rang untrue. He even claimed I was “a threat to the public interest”, which confirmed I was on to something that could land Matiowski in trouble.

Kansas City wrestling promoter Bob Geigel

I took a return trip in September of 1990 to follow up on my previous TV appearances in Kansas City and publicize Steve Ray as a new up and coming headliner. Promoter Bob Geigel, a former president of the National Wrestling Alliance, pulled me aside at a show in Leavenworth.

He told me word was I was blackballed and no promoter in Canada could use me without getting hassled.

I knew full well who was in his ear – the same person who was in Buck’s ear, and not coincidentally, a resident of Weston.

I told him about the altered government documents. Shocked, Geigel related that in the USA, people go to jail for it. He had no problem with me.

I enlisted the promoter who broke me in, Walter Shefchyk, to set up Buck Matiowski once and for all. Because when I had reviewed the Act, I discovered what lawyer Phelan surely also knew, and didn’t want revealed. Fraud.

The original Act also specified that the 3% gate fee had been decreased to 1% in 1979.

Although proposed to be raised in 1982, the tax was not legally upped to 3% until Oct. 4, 1988, under the signature of, you guessed it, Buck Matiowski.

AWA Winnipeg promoter wanted his money back from Buck Matiowski

So Buck Matiowski had knowingly ripped off the AWA (or more specifically the local AWA promotion headed by Global TV executive Don Brinton) during the Hulk Hogan boom, for over $70,000.

As well as ripping off Walter, Tony Condello, and anyone else who ran wrestling promotions in Manitoba between 1979 and 1988.

In 1989 the Commission had a surplus of $100,000.

Off our sweat. Our blood. Our work. Illegally collected.

Those excess dollars were then used to subsidize supervision of Boxing, which could never hope to pay its own way.  Commissioners acted like feudal lords, flying to boxing conferences to hobnob with the likes of Don King and other commissions, with wrestling paying for it.

As part of the set-up, Walter submitted a performance bond cheque for $500 and ran a November 10th bar show I wrestled on. On December 7/90 his cheque was returned. A letter signed by the unfortunately named Commission member Bill Crook said “we regret to inform you that we intend to lay charges” based on that show. Hypothetically everyone there, including bystanders like fans, other wrestlers, and even reporters, could be charged with participating in an illegal “prizefight”.  

That is how Commissions controlled the wrestling business before the internet leveled the playing field so crooks like Buck could be exposed swiftly.

Rather than encourage competition between promotions that would provide enjoyment for the fans and more opportunities for the aspiring Canadian talents (ie Eddie Watts, Chi Chi Cruz, Brian Jewel, Stan Saxon) new promotions were shut down, by any means necessary.

Walter and Marty

To make things worse, Bill Crook was quoted in the Winnipeg Sun in a Dec. 11 story, saying that the Commission was going to get a legal opinion.

Except his letter 4 days earlier said they were going to prosecute.

Who needs due process when you can just smear someone in the daily paper, right?

Walter rang me up first thing the morning the Sun story ran. I had known him since 1980 and never had he been so angered. He picked me up and we were in the office of the Deputy Attorney-General at 8.30 AM. Walter demanded we be arrested on the spot.

Seriously, we stuck our wrists out and insisted on being arrested. The Deputy Minister stopped laughing when we produced the Crook letter to compare with what he told the Sun in the article.

Not only was the Commission discussing Walter’s business with the press, but it appeared that they had made a decision and the legal opinion was a formality.  “Kremlin” and “Communist Russia” were mentioned.

Chi Chi Cruz wins the second bout on the TV pilot. A rising star we wanted to showcase but Buck Matiowski had other ideas.

Glen Dawkins of the Winnipeg Sun called to get the other side. I produced letters I sent to Sports Minister Jim Ernst in February 1990, right after I broke the Skripal suspension story, asking the hard questions. Ernst had ignored me.

I had then sent a letter to Premier Gary Filmon. He ignored me too.

The evidence of altered regulations, double standards, and violation of due process for all to see in the Winnipeg Sun, had backfired right onto Gary Filmon’s lap. With the provincial government’s commitment to developing Manitoba businesses, they had an optics problem and had to do something.


Minister Jim Ernst calls for an investigation into Buck Matiowski

The Sun had a blazing banner on the front page Dec. 21, 1990. “Ernst calls in auditor in boxing, wrestling flap.

The story,”MBWC Mismanagement?” quoted Ernst as saying “I gave the Provincial Auditor the letter (to Premier Filmon) and said investigate”.

Paydirt. An audit was ordered into Bucky boy.

On December 24th, I got out of my taxi at 6 AM to get a paper, and got the best present ever.

Dawkins reported on MY side of the story, after a year of being mocked, disrespected, railroaded, rooked and goofed on. I blasted Jim Ernst for ignoring the attempted extortion for 8 months, and called for the Justice Minister to investigate the whole deal, including the boxer safety issues.

“They pile lie on top of lie to cover things up… if Buck Matiowski and Charles Phelan are the ones who will be drafting this new Act, it’s a waste of time to publish it”, I said.

It was Chrismas Eve, and I got the gift of credibility.

On Christmas Day, I got another gift, when minutes after I got home from my taxi shift, the phone rang.

“Is this Martin Price?”.

Well, it was and it wasn’t, since I had not used that wrestling handle for 2 years, so obviously this person did not know me.

I said who’s this, and without any introduction was quickly accused of “killing the  business”, “exposing the business”, “causing trouble for everyone”, and being “wet behind the ears”, even though I had been around wrestling for over 10 years.

Bulldog Bob Brown, stooge to the office and territory killer

“And Merry Christmas to you, Bulldog!” I interjected.

I started laughing out loud at the thought that the “legendary” wrestling star Bulldog Bob Brown had nothing better to do on Christmas Day at his family home in Weston, than call me out of the blue.

Your type,” he seethed, “has no place in the business. Everyone knows you take the Commissioner out for coffee and have a talk and things get settled.”

“Why would I take a government official out for coffee after he used white-out to try to rip me off, Bob?”

“Well, that’s the way things are done, you have a little talk and everyone gets on the same page.”

“Oh, I get it. How much do Commissioners expect in the brown envelope with their coffee, Bob? I’ll be sure to tell the Auditor.”



bbb-face  When I finally met his nephew Kerry Brown about 10 months afterwards, he told me Bob was purple with rage when he hung up the phone, and congratulated me for “standing up to that old bastard”.

(The audit released in 1991 confirmed all the irregularities and a few new ones, and by October 1996 Commission regulation of wrestling in Manitoba was abolished and Buck Matiowski moved to Kenora, Ontario. It wasn’t his last attempt to bully me, a story for another Christmas perhaps.)


Ten years ago today, we changed the way Winnipeg listened to drive-time radio

Rick Baverstock and I met at, of all things, a CRTC hearing into the backroom and on-air antics of a campus radikickfm-logo-yellowo station I had been duped into working at before realizing it had no intention of actually enrolling students. (It was such a mess even David Asper couldn’t straighten the place out and it eventually lost the licence.)

 He was station manager of 92.9 Kick-FM, and he had the best music playlist in town.

After watching me testify, Rick sent a one line email asking if I would like to bring The Great Canadian Talk Show back on the air at 92.9 Kick-FM. After a meeting with a Red River College instructor who was a board member of the non-profit radio station, the wheels were set in motion for a program in the 4 PM time slot. I laid out the format with the help of veteran journalists and activists and as was the case in 2004 with the other campus radio opportunity, my first call was to my mentor, Yoram Hamizrachi Z’L”


And so, with a barter agreement in place for the ad time in the time slot and to have RRC Cre-Comm student interns receive course credit (and ensure the CRTC would have the on-air spoken word quota filled ), on November 20th, 2006, my new adventure began with guests, CTF representative Adrienne Batra, CTV crime reporter Kelly Dehn, City of Winnipeg film liason Kenny Boyce and MPI spokefella Brian Smiley helping me launch.

Every year with Rick’s support and advice, the show grew as student and community volunteers helped provide news, reports, opinions and technical production. Mayor Katz and other elected officials, analysts, community voices, and celebrities were regularly featured. And together , we made a difference.


We shook the political establishment, stood up for neighborhoods, exposed ‘brown envelope’ tips about Manitoba Hydro, The Crocus Fund, Manitoba Health and the Doer/Selinger provincial governments, covered the Sam Katz-era of City Hall, and exposed biases, tricks and practices of mainstream media and the pet projects of millionaires. Not to mention, ahead of the curve coverage of roller derby, pro wrestling and other issues and interests – bike lanes, anyone? – that are now MSM standards.

To say that the establishment were rankled is a vast understatement.

tgcts-aurtarlia1We changed the listening habits of this city between 4-6 pm as the show expanded, and came to be respected as an innovative, reliable, credible news and information outlet.

Among the stories we broadcast that stand out are:

– the death of Gail Glesby after neglect in the HSC emergency room;

– Josh Grummett’s investigation into the dormant derelict building bylaw;

– Spirited Kenny exposing the runaround he got asking why the provincial EMO 511 initiative was stalled;  and

– our exclusive interview with “Miss Whistle” the Manitoba Hydro whistleblower whose complaints about practices that would lead the utility to the brink of bankruptcy are now coming home to roost.

And , of course, NDP MLA Flor Marcelino declaring Cheeze Whiz a suitable replacement for milk in impoverished northern communities.

The program drew new sponsors to Kick-FM and eager students from other media courses to work on their journalism and production techniques, and was cited as providing the best coverage of the 2010 civic election. Citizen journalism was becoming established as a serious challenge to MSM narratives.

Until some influential people at Red River College, who did not give a shit about the truth or this community, pulled the plug after almost 4 years in a manner that enraged thousands of listeners and got the CRTC asking uncomfortable questions at licence renewal time.

After pulling the plug on TGCTS, the powers that be – starting at the top with now former RRC president Stephanie Forsyth – pulled the plug on Kick-FM.

I have forged on trying to recover the loss of my livelihood with consulting projects, and to continue producing quality citizen journalism, including ongoing blogging, voicing one of Winnipeg’s first podcasts, and a very successful 3 1/2 year run with City Circus on Shaw TV.  Only on my show, were citizens able to watch any extended interviews with city councilors, MLA’s, school trustees, Mayoral candidates, or get analysis on Winnipeg TV of Question period at the Legislature or City Council.


Most recently, my critique of the now-ditched Marion Freeway megaproject that threatened the future of the Archwood community and Happyland Park was featured in the Winnipeg Free Press.

<<<< Take that, Margo.

I am proud that on a page dedicated to reviewing the leadership at 510 Main Street over the past 25 years and the most recent public consultation controversy, I was the only ‘not-a-politician’ named.

And, to answer a frequently asked question, I have continued with civil litigation to dig out the truth and ensure justice- for listeners, volunteers, sponsors, and the community I serve – is done.

We have already questioned under oath, a Red River College official who, as it turned out, quietly announced their retirement a few weeks after certain undertakings for information were provided in writing.

Next month, another RRC official, and a commercial radio executive who was on the self-styled Kick-FM “Executive Committee” will be similarly placed under oath.

You all know where this is going with the respondents. To a courtroom.

The witness list? Just wait. 

With website revisions almost complete, and as soon as I sort out some technical issues about podcasting and V-blogs, this platform will return to action. Your support of this work via PalPal, sponsorships etc., will ensure the expenses of the litigation can be addressed in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support over the course of the last decade.


NDP report confirmed NWTC had no legal Board; flagged Conflict of Interest involving wife of Senator Murray Sinclair

According to an internal Quality Assurance and Evaluation report, the Selinger NDP allowed the Native Women’s Transition Center to spend tax dollars for over 5 weeks after all but one board member quit. The lack of quorum meant toxic workplace complaints against Executive Director Katherine Morrisseau Sinclair were in limbo.

scan0042  The documents were acquired by a Freedom of Information access application on the Department of Family Services. It was filed the day before before City Circus began publishing the details of how aboriginal women enrolled with NWTC for help getting their lives together, felt it was run like “a residential school” by Sinclair.

In the package, access to 3 pages of a 10 page internal report on NWTC “operational issues” dated May 5,  2015 was granted.

Acting manager Sabina Bures concluded that the April 2015 round of board departures meant “the organization no longer had a functioning board of directors” and the non-profit was  in breach of the Corporations Act and therefore, the Service Purchase Agreement which provided provincial funding.


The report also stated the department had received information that the sole remaining board member was an employee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission being run by Sinclair’s husband Murray and was in fact, his Executive Assistant.

Complaints had been voiced to the department that Murray Sinclair had recruited Board candidates using his social media accounts, seeking new members to act as his wife’s boss.

scan0045The report said the agency was flaunting the requirement under the SPA that it must have a Conflict of Interest policy that matched or exceeded provincial specifications.

Those specs include “any situation in which a Board member or employee has an interest which results or appears to result in …  ii) an interference with the objective exercise of the person’s duties”


Read our investigative series about the allegations regarding Sinclair bullying and intimidating clients and staff members, two dozen board resignations, and Nahanni Fontaine ducking away from the issue during the provincial election.

Coming next: The paper trail shows whose fingerprints were all over the transfer of serious staff and client complaints about Katherine Sinclair to the NWTC Board, with the identities of the whistleblowers left intact for Sinclair to see.  The documents also reveal who defended Sinclair and promised the Board would deal with the issues.

Plus, we reveal yet another, previously unheard-of “Board member”, who got a letter about NWTC from Deputy Minister Joy Cramer.


CBC brags about 20 years











See the court filing: Selinger and Ashton sued personally for alleged leak of Omnitrax corporate information

On Friday, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Steve Ashton were personally named in a Statement of Claim filed in Queen’s Bench against the provincial government, asking for an injunction to return or destroy “Confidential Information” of OmniTRAX Canada/Churchill Terminal Company – and to stop “interfering with the economic interests and contractual relations of the plaintiffs”.

OmniTRAX damage claim vs NDP govt




The lawsuit claims the Province entered into a non-disclosure agreement in March 2015 regarding financial and operating data and projections, business and marketing plans, “pertaining to the viability of the Churchill Gateway System and the sale of the plaintiff’s business and assets”.


The NDA was in effect until March 2017 but it is alleged “in or around December 2015”, the information was shared with Opaskayak Cree Nation (“OCN”, located at The Pas), and MNP LLP  (the former Meyers Norris Penny, a chartered accountancy and business advisory firm).

Neither were signatories to the NDA.

Sources say that OmniTRAX had been in negotiations with another First Nations band and the suit claims the conduct of the defendants “have caused and will continue to cause irreparable harm to the plaintiffs and any parties with which the plaintiffs are negotiating the sale and purchase of the plaintiff’s business and assets.”

The suit also asked for an award of special and general damages of the Province, Selinger and Ashton at trial.

OmniTRAX claim vs Selinger and Ashton




To see a copy of the Statement of Claim, email:


Nahanni Fontaine, Selinger’s Advisor on aboriginal women for 5 years, has never talked CFS seizures of native children with him.

Star NDP Candidate Nahanni Fontaine fled from an election forum for St Johns residents at Sinclair Park C.C. last night, right after saying she has never spoken with the Premier about family services agencies unjustly scooping children from aboriginal parents – despite being the Manitoba government’s  “Special Advisor on aboriginal women.”


Nahanni RFO reax CFS  Fontaine, whose starting wage was over $78,000 after working as Director of Justice for the Southern Chiefs Organization for 6 years,  was under hard questioning by a citizen journalist, Josh Sigurdson, who asked why she was running as a candidate for the NDP when she had been so critical of the results of their policies, assimilation of her people, and had in the past called for a boycott of white businesses. 

“are you going to run away in government too?”  

The first reply to the question – which was rephrased by the moderator to allow all candidates to respond – was by Liberal candidate Noel Bernier.  Earlier, Bernier had mentioned that he had personally approached Fontaine about running under the Liberal banner and expressed personal admiration for her.

But on the CFS issue, he made an assumption that Fontaine had pleaded the case for aboriginal families, and had been ignored by Selinger.  

In desperation, she attempted to take herself and her leader off the hook:

“‘Almost 95% of my file is in respect of MMIW and girls … my file with the government is NOT CFS, so I have never had the opportunity nor the mandate to actually talk to Greg about CFS, so let’s just get that clear, I’ve been with government for ONLY 5  1/2 years.

 Nahanni and Greg campaigningFontaine had been campaigning with Selinger in St Johns only 3 days before the Sinclair Park forum.  

When challenged in a follow-up about running for a party “that ignores people” on CFS issues, an NDP campaign worker in the audience loudly interrupted, demanding the names of the two people filming the proceedings.

“And they’ve actually been filming the whole, the whole time …” Fontaine added, in an attempt to have the moderator derail the reporter. He stood his ground arguing for the public’s right to know what happens at candidate forumsinsisting there was no restriction on filming a public event.

Fontaine then stated: 

“Can we just say something, Noel and I would actually,  there’s sooo much negativity and just, vitrolic hate in this room right now, we’re prepared to just kinda close it off. It’s, it’s not doing anybody any good by participating in such negativity”.

Nahanni Dev Ross reax

Sigurdson shot back “are you going to run away in government too?”  


A voter in the riding jumped in asking “Before we close it off Nahanni, can you explain your comments on the  boycott of white businesses that you’ve made and  about  your business in the north end, it’s on the public record, it’s all over the internet.”

(The political rookie had a similar problem at a town hall on March 31st, when questions about her boss Eric Robinson and racist comments that he made were mentioned, claiming she did not “feel safe” — in a room full of Jewish senior citizens.)

As the moderator tried to restore decorum, seconds later, NDP supporters suddenly stood en masse and a walkout ensued; Bernier hugged Fontaine and he and his supporters followed Fontaine’s crew out the door.

 Barb Judt Sinclair ParkPC candidate Barbara Judt remained with the moderator and answered questions from about a dozen remaining attendees for another 90 minutes.

Judt had gotten the biggest applause of the evening earlier, after citing a recent Manitoba Court of Appeal ruling in which CFS workers were found to have embellished evidence against a mother and cut corners to justify an apprehension, and the court ordered the child be returned.

Read our investigative series into the NDP ignoring 17 written complaints alleging intimidation and bullying by Senator Murray Sinclair’s wife Katherine, the administrator of a north end native women’s shelter 

Fontaine was not the first NDP politician to leave the forum.

City Coun. Ross Eadie, whose Point Douglas ward is  part of the broader provincial riding, walked out after defending himself and council from allegations by Fontaine and Bernier that civic politicians had been laggards in repairing crumbling roads in the riding.

Eadie , who arrived after the session started, became engaged in explaining  how former Mayor Sam Katz, a conservative, had instigated renewed infrastructure funding in 2011 — and that the province has tied the city’s hands by requiring separated sewer lines be installed under the pavement, but refused to contribute towards the increased costs.




email:  martygoldlive@gmail.com


Nahanni Fontaine: no position on massive NDP debt, no mention of racist email from Eric Robinson, no help for Native Women’s Transition Centre victims

The gamble by NDP hopeful Nahanni Fontaine to impress a crowd made up mostly of Jewish Baba’s and Zaida’s at a St. Johns riding town hall on March 31st, collapsed almost immediately when she begged off answering the first basic election question.

And Fontaine went downhill from there, plumbing the depths of how underwhelming Greg Selinger’s supposed star candidate could be.

Nahanni KIR 2014
Nahanni Fontaine, right, with Family Services Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross

“I understand very little about debts and deficits” she told moderator Bernie Bellan in explaining she was not willing to answer a question about the NDP budget plan to the gathering at the Gwen Sector Centre.

“I know the NDP has a plan to bring more jobs to the economy – my priorities are the marginalized of the marginalized.”

Pressed for more background on her work experience, Fontaine cited her work with the Southern Chiefs Organization, peculiarly claiming she had laboured to ensure “a better working relationship” with police — despite her career being built on asserting police engage in rampant, unchecked racism and discrimination towards aboriginals.

“For someone with her academic pedigree she sure didn’t do her homework for that debate and based on the pieces she did speak to she completely misread the room.” 

A consultant attending the session, who said he had 30 years experience on the file, asked the candidates about Manitoba Hydro’s debt in pursuit of BiPole and at great length explained its effect on the province’s credit rating that threatens to bankrupt the province.

In a weak response, Fontaine claimed:

A voter pointedly asked Fontaine about how she would conduct herself as MLA in dealing with people who hold different opinions than hers, given Fontaines’  criticism in 2012 about a fundraising event Fontaine falsely blamed on her Progressive Conservative opponent Barbara Judt and the board of her employer, the Osborne House women’s shelter.

NDP candidate Nahanni Fontaine; Liberal nominee Noel Bernier; Barb Judt of the Progressive Conservatives; Gwen Sector Centre March 31 2016 town hall, CBC Manitoba photo

Fontaine maintained she had never spoken publicly about the matter and had only sent an email to the Osborne House Board expressing her disdain for anything related to the art form of burlesque. She also professed that the questioning about her activities as a government employee made her not “feel safe”.

Not only were the Baba’s and Zaida’s not offended by the idea a burlesque performer participate in raising funds for battered women, they were visibly disturbed by that evasive response when they learned Fontaine had shaved some facts from her fable.

“she back pedaled saying they weren’t friends only that she knew her and had sat on a board with her many years ago”

Judt explained that Fontaine had gone far beyond emailing the Board, and had also circulated emails inside the government calling those involved with the event “stupid”.

The audience also heard how in the exchange of emails, Deputy Premier Eric Robinson had made his infamous remarks about “ignorant do-good white people”, which was discovered a few months later after a Freedom of Information filing by Judt on Fontaine.

Asked to respond by Bellan, Fontaine emphasized that she never made disparaging comments “in public” –  but did not acknowledge or apologize for how she secretly lobbied against Judt inside the halls of power.

At the end when she and I were talking one of her entourage actually said “can we get the fuck outta here now”

Another voter, who had also asked a question of Fontaine about yet another  women’s shelter, was even less impressed by Fontaine’s act, especially after she had a conversation with the candidate after the session.

The question she had posed was about why Fontaine had failed to reply to a desperate plea from staff of the Native Women’s Transition Centre for help to deal with the toxic workplace caused by a board and government unwilling to reign in Executive Director Katherine Morrisseau Sinclair – wife of recent Senate appointee Murray Sinclair.


Fontaine claimed she had only become aware of the request mere hours before the town hall, that she had never seen the email because it was sent thru a government channel (which the public is guided to), and then went off at great length about how her workdays start at 6 am and end at midnight in pursuit of her official duties such as organizing 4 national events.

She also made a vague claim that because of a “conflict of interest”, she could not have done anything to help the staff (and clients) of NWTC.

(See our most recent story Katherine Sinclair quits Native Women’s Transition Centre under cloud; yet another exodus of board members)


The following description of what happened after the town hall concluded, was sent to us the next day by the NWTC employee:

 YOU HAVE THE POWER!https://twitter.com/TGCTS




“Avoidable Deaths” due to Catscan shortages forced Doctor to cut ER shifts

The remarkable grovel of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority CEO Milton Sussman in the Free Press, after the WRHA unsuccessfully tried to bluff the Singh family into waiting for a Critical Incident report until after the April 19th provincial election, exposed a variety of inconvenient (to the NDP) truths.

A) If it wasn’t for the election and Greg Selinger’s unprecedented (to save his own skin) challenge to the WRHA to produce the report, the family of Mohinder Singh  would join the list of families Sussman admitted  “have expressed concern about the length of time that it’s taken and getting the answers they were looking for.”

B) Despite having been Deputy Minister of Health before joining the WRHA, the manipulation of  Critical Incident investigations was, somehow, never addressed by the NDP in the last 16 years.  “This situation highlights that even more, and it’s something we have to fix.”

C) As with the Brian Sinclair incident, the NDP will always claim it wasn’t a staffing issue – “the emergency room staffing at Seven Oaks was sufficient the day Singh was admitted” – until of course, a nurse steps forward and tells the truth.

“We need to be more transparent. Manitobans deserve that. Families deserve that. They’re entitled to get that.”

D) The stonewall the WRHA maintains to evade media scrutiny was finally acknowledged. “We should have acknowledged she was our patient and that a critical incident review was taking place.”


One of  the doctors who supports our independent journalism reviewed the statements of Sussman and offered the following comment- which we are publishing unedited:  

“This is such garbage. One reason I’ve reduced my hours in the er is because of avoidable deaths due to lack of emergency CT services in peripheral ers.

And I am guessing a cot could have been found if not for the laughable policy that “we don’t have hallway medicine in Manitoba “.

At least the conservatives are not running their campaigns on the lies and false hopes of fixing Healthcare in Manitoba.  Every promise and statement made by the ndp with regards to fixing health care is more cynical than Oscar Wilde.

And the wrha will be sick and kill people until they listen to the front line nurses and doctors and quit treating patients like customers.

My thoughts,  for what they are worth.”


The Winnipeg Free Press followed up on our exclusive story about the Samborski family discovering an Environment Act licence for the land they operate on had been granted in 1990 – and concealed by government officials from them. The story about the resulting lawsuit is found here:



Meanwhile, not a single Winnipeg newsroom has reported on the departure of the wives of two prominent aboriginal leaders from a controversial non-profit, prior to their husbands receiving political appointments.  

We alone have exposed the pattern of abuse at the women’s shelter and the neglect by the NDP government of the problems, the series is found at this link.  

Next time you see a reporter, ask them why complaints (ignored by Family Services Ministry officials) that Senator Murray Sinclair’s  wife intimidated, threatened and bullied clients and staff at the Native Women’s Transition Centre – and that NDP Fort Rouge candidate Wab Kinew’s wife did nothing to help the victims when she served as a director of the non-profit – isn’t considered newsworthy.